Alonso and the Drug Baron 

Caribbean Literature and Poetry

Alonso and the Drug Baron 
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Evan Jones
  • Publisher: Macmillan Publishers Ltd
  • Level: Adult
  • Series: Macmillan Caribbean Writers
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‘In Alonso and the Drug Baron, Jones has crafted a compact tale of an ordinary man of extraordinary capabilities caught up in very extraordinary circumstances, with a liberal dose of humour, a few strokes of sex, wry winks at race and several crucial insights into Jamaica, land where a loafer cracks a case for the police.’ Mel Cooke, The Gleaner
‘With a setting as ever-changing as the Caribbean itself, Jamaica comes alive for the reader in all its facets. It proves to be an easy read which will surely enchant all readers and leave you yearning for more.' Gaynor Kydd, Caribbean Compass
Everybody wants Alonso dead. Detective Sergeant Swaby of the Jamaica Constabulary, who has set him up to take the rap for Chin Lee's murder, wants Alonso dead. The powerful but impotent drug baron Leprosini, whom Chin Lee was trying to double-cross, wants Alonso dead. Even Ras Clawt, the magnificently endowed freedom fighter, will kill Alonso if he makes a wrong move.
Inoffensive and harmless, Alonso finds himself arrested, kidnapped, shot at, on the run and feigning madness. To cap it all, someone lands a plane on his head. The only way Alonso can hope to return to his pleasantly idle life as night-watchman is to find out the true facts of Chin Lee's death and so persuade Authority to exonerate him.
About the author: Evan Jones was born in Jamaica in 1927 and was educated at Haverford College USA and Oxford University. He has written numerous plays for television, and screenplays for films. He has also has many publications, including The Song of the Banana Man, which is widely known and anthologized. He is married to the actress Joanna Jones. They have two daughters who are both writers.
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