Delroy in the Marog Kingdom

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Delroy in the Marog Kingdom
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Billy Elm
  • Publisher: Macmillan Publishers Ltd
  • Level: Secondary
  • Series: Island Fiction
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ISBN: 9780230410817

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ISBN: 9780230410886

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A fast-paced fantasy eBook from the Macmillan Caribbean Island Fiction Series for teenagers.
"If you look into River Mumma's eyes, something terrible is going happen to you!""
Too late, Delroy remembers his mother's warning. Is drowning his fate or is something worse in store? Becoming a marog is only the beginning. The king of these unusual frogs has chosen Delroy to succeed him, but first he must retrieve the king's magical stone from a venomous snake. Slogging through underground caves and tunnels, faced with insurmountable obstacles, Delroy is tempted to give up and wonders whether he will ever return to his former life.
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