Principles of Business for CSEC Examinations

Principles of Business for CSEC Examinations
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Edith Emmanuel, Richell Husbands, Marsha Guiness, Riana Balliram; Rachael Raghoo Bitu, Pete Budd; James McCloskey
  • Publisher: Macmillan Publishers Ltd
  • Format: eBook (PDF)
  • Series: CSEC Business
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Written in conjunction with subject specialists, Caribbean teachers, and globally successful businesspeople, this is a Principles of Business textbook that does so much more than just cover the syllabus.

A completely new text designed to reflect modern business trends, concerns and practices as well as providing complete coverage of the CXC Principles of Business syllabus, Macmillan’s Principles of Business for CSEC® Examinations:
• encourages students to take concepts they have learned and apply them to their own experiences, through research projects, critical thinking exercises, and discussion topics
• inspires entrepreneurship through case studies and profiles of successful businesspeople from across the region and beyond
• provides unrivalled support for examination success, with scaffolded exam practice questions, model answers and detailed insight into exam rubrics

This comprehensive package is completed with a wealth of digital resources for teachers and students, from video case studies to additional resources emphasising the soft skills students need to maximise their exam success now and employability in the future.
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