Social Sciences for Trinidad and Tobago 2nd Edition Student's Book 1

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Social Sciences for Trinidad and Tobago 2nd Edition Student's Book 1
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Anthony Luengo, Clare Eastland
  • Publisher: Macmillan Publishers Ltd
  • Format: eBook (PDF)
  • Series: Social Sciences for Trinidad and Tobago 2nd Edition
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The three texts in the series offer a variety of opportunities to students for
individual study and group work through a combination of informative
narrative and numerous creative and skill-building activities.
Key features:
• Covers all themes, topics, content and Specific Learning Outcomes of the
revised interim Social Sciences curriculum (2014) for Trinidad and Tobago.
• Provides Key Questions at the beginning of each chapter to trigger students’
interest and thinking.
• Features activities and exercises, such as Checkpoints to ensure comprehension
of content, Thinking Creatively and Critically to encourage analysis, application,
synthesis and evaluation, and Wrap Up to summarise learning.
• Highlights key terms and concepts throughout and explains these in the text
and glossary.
• Includes visuals such as photographs, maps, charts, and timelines.
• Provides a Skills Tool Kit for the development of specific skills including social
and interpersonal skills, communication skills, enquiry and research skills,
information-processing skills, and creating and working with visual aids.
• End of chapter reviews.
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