Social Studies for CSEC® 3rd Edition 

Social Studies for CSEC® 3rd Edition 
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Janey Fisher, Ivan Waterman
  • Publisher: Macmillan Publishers Ltd
  • Level: Secondary
  • Format: eBook (PDF)
  • Series: Social Studies
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Social Studies for CSEC® Examinations (3rd Edition) has been completely restructured, revised and updated in line with the current CXC syllabus requirements and in response to feedback and advice from Caribbean classroom teachers. The new larger format, improved colour and design and more accessible text make the book easier for students and teachers to use.
This 3rd Edition includes new material on the family, social groups, cultural patterns, elections, the judiciary and security systems, government and citizens, renewable and non-renewable resources, population, preparation for the world of work, Caribbean integration, the development of human resources, challenges facing the Caribbean region including HIV and AIDS, the Regional Development Fund, CEHI and CMC, the role of individuals and businesses, communication media, consumer demand and protection and tourism.
Key features:
• NEW 3rd Edition follows revised syllabus order and objectives, with headings signposting syllabus objectives and bold emphasis of key syllabus terms
• NEW photos and up-to-date statistics aid understanding of current trends
• NEW activities provide opportunities to develop important skills such as interpreting tables, graphs, diagrams and photographs, carrying out surveys, doing research on the internet and in libraries and detecting bias
• NEW end of chapter summaries provide easy reference points of what has been learned
• NEW SBA SECTION provides guidance and a sample project for students to practice research skills
• Information boxes and case studies provide an alternative or complementary approach to the topics
• Debates and discussions encourage students to think about the challenges faced by individuals, communities and nations in the 21st century
• Evaluation exercises at the end of each chapter enable students to check their knowledge and understanding
• Revision tests at the end of each section reflect the examination format, including both multiple choice and structured questions

About The Authors
Ivan Waterman, a former tutor at the Barbados Community College, has been a tutor and examiner in the UWI Dip. Education Programme. He is the author of Principles of Business for CSEC® Examinations.
Janey Fisher is a teacher and writer specialising in the field of Social Studies"
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